Ladder changes will be updated twice a week: Tuesdays and Saturdays. Please see Singles Ladder Rules below.

If you would like to view the ladder or make a challenge, please enter your password:


  2. USTA rules will govern play, best of 3 sets with 10 point super tie break for the 3rd set. *Players may opt to play a third set if agreed on.
  3. The ladder chair is NBTC member Paul Kincaid ([email protected])
  4. Making a challenge: a player must call or email the appropriate players according to the current rankings. A player may only make or accept one challenge at a time. Any other challenges should be made only after the match is played.
  5. Accepting a challenge: As soon as possible but not more than 3 days after being challenged, a challenge player must offer two reasonable days and times for the match within seven days of the challenge or default the match, losing his/her ladder position to the challenger.
  6. Matches must be played before other challenges can be accepted. You should tell the challenger that you are already under challenge and as a courtesy give the challenger the name of the first challenger and the day set for the match.
  7. Should it become necessary for a player to become inactive for three or more weeks due to injury, travel, etc, that name will be blacked out on the ladder. If the period of inactivity exceeds thirty days that person’s name will be removed from the ladder entirely.
  8. Any player may be removed from the ladder for cause: lack of participation, poor sportsmanship.
  9. After challenging a player and completing the match, you may not challenge the same player for 2 weeks.
  10. Challenging from different divisions:  A Player may issue a challenge 5 spots ahead of him/her between the divisions just like any other area on the ladder.


  1. Winners must turn in the results by emailing Paul Kincaid at [email protected]
  2. After completion of the match, the following day the ladder position will change. If a lower ranked player beats a higher ranked player, he/she will take the winning players spot, and the losing player will drop down one spot. So, if you are ranked #5 and challenge #3 and win, you move to the #3 position, and #3 drops to the #4 position.


  1. Ladder changes will be updated twice a week: Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  2. Challenger must provide one can of new balls for the match and must arrange the court time and match with the court director’s office.
  3. Matches interrupted because of weather, darkness or court time limitations should be continued from the point of interrupt in a reasonable time.


We recommend the following times for ladder challenge matches:  Monday-Friday at 12:30 and from 6:30pm to close, Saturdays at 8am-9:30 and after 11am and Fridays from 5pm to close. Additional times may be available by contacting the court director’s office.